Thursday, May 1, 2014

Donkeys and Doggies...

Driving to the day care in the morning, passing donkeys in a field...

Me:  Look at the donkeys Molly.
Molly:  Those aren't doggies.  Those are horsies.
Me:  No.  Donkeys.
Molly:  Not doggies.  Horsies.
Me:  Donkeys not doggies.  DonKEYS.  Not doGGIES.
Molly:  Horsies.
Me:  Donkeys go "HEE-HAA".
Molly:  No.  Doggies go "WOOF WOOF".
Me:  Say donkeys! DON-KEYS!!!  KEYS!!! KEYS!!!
Molly:  No, those are horsies not doggies.
Me:  Hey Molly, look at the horsies.
Molly:  Yay!!!  Horsies!!!

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