Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feeding the Dog...

Molly reaches her hand into a box of Cheez It's, shoves some in her mouth then puts her hand under the table where the dog is sitting patiently...

Dad: Molly Jane, you better not be feeding that dog Cheez It's.
Molly: I'm not.

Molly reaches her had into the box again and does the exact same thing.

Dad:  I just watched you feed the dog a Cheez It.
Molly: No I didn't.
Dad:  I just watched you.
Molly: No!  I ate the Cheez It's and let the dog lick my fingers.

Molly reaches her DOG LICKED HANG back into the box once again, eats a Cheez It, and then proceeds to allow the dog to lick her hand.

Dad: Just go ahead and finish the box.
Molly:  Okay. 

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